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Enterprise Oil has been affiliated with SOGGDA since 1998, as an advertiser in the SOGGDA NEWS as well as a resource for used oil pick up for our members. The company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and has been operation since 1984 according to General Manager Charles Alexander. Enterprise provides their customers with a current copy of insurance papers, EPA Identification Number and a manifest every time a load of oil is picked up. Customers are then asked to make a file in which to keep these important documents.


Preliminary on site testing (to detect any chlorinated solvents present in the batch) is done prior to picking up a load of used oil. 200 gallons is the required minimum for used oil pick up. The oil is then transported to Knoxville, TN for processing at their plant. There the oil is tested, filtered; water is removed and refined for use as recycled oil. The oil is ultimately sold as a recycled fuel for use in asphalt plants, paper mills, and steel companies just to name a few.

SOGGDA salutes Enterprise Oil as the vendor for the months of May and June, for performing a much needed service to SOGGDA members.

For used oil pickup you may call



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237 S Dixie Dr
Vandalia, OH 45377

location smallCall: (937) 890-9670
Fax: (937) 890-9673

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