Southwestern Ohio Garage & Gasoline Dealers was once known as The Montgomery County Gasoline Dealers in 1946. Two years later, in 1948 the charter was changed to Southwestern Ohio Gasoline Dealers Association (SOGDA). In 1988 the board voted to add garages to the membership (SOGGDA). For the past 59 years the association has served business members in gasoline, auto repair, towing, tire dealers, convenience stores & car washes, through out southwestern Ohio.

SOGGDA has been non-profit since 1958. Dues are utilized to provide better benefits for members. Join SOGGDA and experience an association that gives personal service to members.


This Association has adopted the following Code of Ethics and each member agrees that he will:

a. Employ honestly and accuracy in advertising and performing all sales and services.

b. Comply with all laws – Local, State, and National regulating the operation of our Association.

c.  Refrain from any acts that would bring discredit to our industry or our Association.

d. Endeavor to expose all schemes to defraud the motoring public and aid in prosecution of all responsible, including suspension or expulsion of any member of this Association found to be involved.

e. Strive continually as individuals and through our Association to improve our industry in order that the motoring public may be better served.

f.  Encourage the American system of free enterprise throughout the industry and oppose all invasions of our rights as independent businessmen.


SOGGDA PATH,  In the past SOGGDA was in place for the gasoline dealers. It's design was to help the gasoline dealers with the day to day dealings with the gasoline company's and with their business. With the path of oil company's, we lost a lot of dealers to company ran  convenience centers. SOGGDA started to include garage owners into association, which helped to grow the membership back up again. Today board members are working to enhance the benefits to the membership of SOGGDA. We already have one of the best worker's comp. programs in the State Of Ohio. We are now adding affiliate members to help with your day to day business. 

In the future the board will be working to grow the membership and benefits of belonging to SOGGDA.  

- Barry Hall,  Current President,   Since 2017 


1946-57 | No Records Available
1958-60 | Joe Manz*
1960-62 | Myron Hamilton*
1962-63 | Clarence Baker*
1963-64 | Warren Fry
1964-65 | Oscar Carlin*
1965-69 | John Pansing
1969-71 | Ed Gifford
1971-73 | Earl Nichols*
1973-74 | Don Mauch
1974-75 | Bill Allis
1975-77 | Vince Chalecki
1977-81 | Hubert Cole*
1981-84 | Harry Wilson
1984-85 | Cecil Northern
1985-88 | Don Trent*
1988-89 | Chuck Holmes
1989-91 | Dan Tackett
1991-93 | Don Trent*
1993-1994 | Cecil Northern
1994-1996 | Bruce Camealy
1996-1998 | Bob Barlow
1998-2000 | Rick Ruscin
2000-2002 | Mike Belles
2002-2004 | John Weber
2004-2005 | Jim O'Rourke
2005-2007 | Bob Barlow
2007-2009 | John Weber
2010-2013 | Jan Murphy
2013-2017 | John Weber
2017-PRESENT | Barry Hall

*indicates deceased


We can do better together - growing forward. Buying Power - Training - Strength


237 S Dixie Dr
Vandalia, OH 45377

location smallCall: (937) 890-9670
Fax: (937) 890-9673

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