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Progressive Compensation Risk Advisors was established in 2001 and assists employers in managing their workers’ compensation claims and obtaining significant discounts off their workers’ comp premiums through group rating programs. Group Rating allows employers of similar industries to join together and achieve discounted premiums. Currently the State of Ohio allows group discounts up 90%. As you can imagine, paying only 10% of your premiums would give your company an overwhelming advantage over your competition.


ProComp has administered SOGGDA’s group rating program since 2003 and we offer a wide range of group plans, tiered to meet most every employers’ rating history. When you join one of our group rating plans, not only will you significantly reduce your workers’ compensation premiums, but in addition, you will also have access to our professional staff to assist in all your workers’ compensation issues.

Our service team includes:

John Daney – Group Rating Manager

Matt Ulrich – Safety Manager

Katrina Thames – Senior Claims Manager

Keri Stamm – Claims Manager

Casey Gallaher – Claims Manager

Gabe Young - Sales

Cheryl Daney – RN

Libby Gallaher – Data Services

We are confident that you will be pleased with our fast and professional service. If you are not currently participating in a SOGGDA Group Rating Program, or you would just like to obtain further information, please feel free to contact our group rating department at (866) 302-2667.

Phone: (866)302-2667


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237 S Dixie Dr
Vandalia, OH 45377

location smallCall: (937) 890-9670
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